Decaffeination Process

Water Process DecafCape Cod Coffee uses coffee beans that have been shipped to Germany for water process decaffeination. This process largely avoids chemical decaffeination and still retains the most amount of flavor in your decaf coffee.

Green coffee beans can be immersed in water to extract their caffeine but this will also extract desirable oils and other solids from the bean resulting in less flavorful brewed coffee. The water process method attempts to overcome this difficulty by using water saturated with these desirable coffee components thus reducing or eliminating their extraction during the decaffeination process.

 Water saturated in this way is referred to as green coffee extract or GCE. It is created using a separate batch of green coffee beans that are immersed in water and then discarded. The GCE is then filtered to remove only the caffeine from it. A fresh batch of green coffee beans are then immersed in the GCE to remove caffeine but retain other components. The process of filtering the GCE to remove caffeine and immersing the beans is repeated until the beans are 99.9% caffeine free by mass. This process takes 8 to 10 hours.

This careful process and the extra cross-Atlantic shipping add about $1 cost over regular coffee. But once you taste our decafs, we think you’ll agree the flavor is worth more than that.


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