One of the most common questions we get is “What is the difference between an espresso roast and a regular coffee?”.

The answer is that there is no difference…all of our coffees are roasted to their sweet spot.  The difference is just the way that the coffee is ground and brewed.  When using an espresso machine, water is pushed through the finely ground coffee under pressure and the flavor oils are extracted very quickly.  This extraction method intensifies the major characteristics of a coffee.  So, a coffee that is bright and citric when brewed regularly will be blindingly bright (almost to the point when it would be considered bitter) through an espresso machine.  This is the reason why we create espresso blends.  The goal is to combine different coffees whose end product would be a balanced shot of espresso.  These coffee blends will give you an unique and balanced shot:

Scandinavian Blend

Sunrise Blend

Sunset Decaf Blend

And for those who enjoy a sweet, light espresso with great creama: Brazil

The darkest roast: French Roast 


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