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Tired of selling the same old things to raise money? Cape Cod Coffee is proud to partner with local Cape Cod groups trying to raise money. 

Raising Money with Cape Cod Coffee:

1. Cape Cod Coffee is really, really good coffee!

Our coffee is much better than the coffee most people buy at their local supermarket. It’s super-smooth, with tons of flavor, but no bitterness. It’s a huge favorite among coffee lovers. Since 1970, Cape Cod Coffee has been roasting fresh daily using only the finest, 100% Arabica coffee beans. 

2. Coffee is easy to sell at the door!

Yes, there’s a coffee lover in every home! And let’s face it, when people come to your door with candy bars or popcorn, you give them money to support their cause, not because you really want what they are selling.

But if someone brings some great coffee to your door, it’s something you really DO want.  

3. It doesn’t actually cost anything for your buyers!

Unlike those candy bars or bags of popcorn, most families are going to buy a bag of coffee every week or so anyway.

So when you sell them Cape Cod Coffee at the door, you are reducing the cost of their next grocery bill by the same amount!

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Working with our team of fundraising experts, we’ll help you customize a program that’s perfect for your group or organization. We’ll even print custom materials to help you sell even more.

 Please, call or email us now…and let’s get your best ever fundraising campaign started!


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