Office Coffee


Not a fan of your workplace coffee?

Here’s how to lead a “Coffee Takeover” and start drinking locally roasted Cape Cod Coffee at your workplace:

Step 1: Bring in the experts

We will come to your office and let you taste our coffee side by side against your current offerings. You will be amazed at how much better our coffee tastes. We will talk with you about our roasting philosophy and why our coffee is more flavorful. You’ll think, “Could we possibly afford to drink coffee this great at the office?”

Step 2: Work the numbers

Since Cape Cod Coffee cuts out the middle man by roasting and packaging our own coffee in pre-ground foil packs, we can give you a by pot (10-12 cups) cost analysis. This should make it easy to compare prices and you might be surprised how affordable upgrading will be.

Step 3: Evaluate brewing equipment

The equipment used to brew coffee affects the taste. You’ll want to use a coffee brewing machine that heats the water to the proper temperature (195-205° F) and is easy to keep clean. If appropriate for your business needs, Cape Cod Coffee can supply gourmet-brewing equipment for your office.


Step 4: Upgrade

Switching to Cape Cod Coffee will bring new energy to your workplace. Stale coffee leads to stale ideas. Let our fresh, full-flavored brews energize the office and make your workday fly by.

Interested in offering Cape Cod Coffee in your office? Please complete our wholesale inquiry.

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