Storing Coffee

Do not store coffee in thisCape Cod Coffee prides itself in roasting the freshest coffee. But how do you keep your coffee fresh once you take it home?

Storing your coffee away from moisture, air, light, and heat will keep it fresher longer. Therefore, an airtight container stored in a cool, dry, dark place is the best environment for your coffee.

Does storing coffee in the fridge or freezer preserve its freshness?

Not necessarily. Coffee is porous and will also absorb what it is near. This can include the moisture in your freezer. The moisture deteriorates your coffee and can make it taste like whatever else is in your freezer.

Additionally, the low temperatures in a freezer break down the flavor oils that come out from within the bean when it is roasted. (These oils can be seen most easily on dark roasted beans like a French Roast.) When these oils are broken down in the freezer, flavor is removed.

When is it okay to freeze coffee?

Once exposed to air, coffee stays fresh for about 2 weeks. If you found a great deal on several pounds of your favorite coffee and you don’t plan on using it within 2 weeks, put your sealed coffee in the freezer and leave it there until you plan to start using it. Once you take it out, do not put it back in. Moving your coffee from freezing to room temperatures and back again will cause condensed moisture to form on the beans. The beans will then absorb this moisture, which will reduce the coffee’s flavor.

If you want to freeze 5 pounds of coffee, it’s best to seal it in 1 lb portions, squeeze the air out and wrap each portion in a sealable freezer bag. Remove the weekly portion when you are ready to use the coffee, transfer it into an airtight container and store it in a dry location in your kitchen or pantry.

When is it okay to refrigerate coffee?

Never. The refrigerator is one of the worst places to store coffee.

Should I buy my coffee beans ground or whole?

To keep your coffee fresh, if possible, we suggest buying whole beans and grinding the coffee right before you serve it.

Grinding the coffee breaks up the beans and the oils contained within them, exposing the beans to air and causing them to go stale more quickly. Keeping your beans whole as long as you can will preserve freshness.

Of course, we do offer ground coffee to our customers as some do not have grinders or they need a specific size of grounds for their brewing technique or are purchasing coffee as a it is a gift and aren’t sure if their recipient has access to a grinder. If you need to purchase your coffee ground, again, be sure to store it in a sealed contained in a dark place at room temperature to maximize freshness.

Why does Cape Cod Coffee coffee come in bags with one-way valves?

When coffee is roasted, it releases carbon dioxide for several days afterwards. Since coffee tastes best about 48 hours after roasting, we package our fresh-roasted coffee in valve-sealed bags to allow these gasses to escape. These bags cost us a little extra, but it allows us to ship coffee to you right after we roast it. And isn’t that what Fresh Roasted Coffee is all about?

A Freshness Review:

  1. Buy beans directly from a coffee roaster, we recommend Cape Cod Coffee.
  2. Look for valve-sealed backs, not vacuum-sealed (Hint: we ship in valve sealed bags.)
  3. Store your coffee beans in a sealed container in a dark place at room temperature. (not in the fridge!)
  4. When possible, grind your beans just before brewing.

Now that you know how to store your fresh-roasted coffee, learn about the next step in the process: Brewing a Great Cup.


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